扇情的な鏡 / Incendiary reflection

Three-fold mirror


Do all of your emotions really come from inside ?
Incendiary reflection aims to create computer-generated emotion by letting people recognize pseudo-generated facial expressions as changes to their own facial expressions. This artwork influences your emotional state by reflecting your facial expression as a slightly different one. Although you are not changing your facial expression, your face in the mirror looks like happy or sad. What someone sees in the mirror is her/himself. However, if one could see his/her face smiling in the mirror, then one unconsciously recognize the changing in mirror as one's actual body changing, one might also become happier.

Incendiary reflection consists of a camera, and a display. The camera is used to capture and track a user's face. This system gives feedback of a deformed facial expression by using a mirror-like display. We developed a method for deforming a user’s face and transforming a user’s facial expression in real time, using an image-processing technique [Schaefer et al. 2006]. Using this method, we easily and naturally deformed the appearance of a user’s face. We generated two facial expressions—Smiley Face” and Sad Face”—which represent the positive-negative affect dimension. Furthermore, we conducted a user study to evaluate the effectiveness of deformed facial feedback. Our results showed that this type of feedback could change emotional states; not only positive affect and negative affect but also preference decision [Yoshida et al. 2013]. This suggested that we could artificially manipulate emotional states.


Planning and Development: Shigeo Yoshida

Planning Support: Hiroshi Ishiguro, Michitaka Hirose, Takuji Narumi and Sho Sakurai

Development Support: Toki Katsumura, Yuki Ban and Naoto Nakazato

Support: IPA Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program)

Publications & Awards

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Media Coverage


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